Vendor Financing Programs, your key to success!

Vendor Financing Programs aka Private Label Financing Programs or Captive Financing Programs by Direct Credit Funding, Inc.

Direct Credit Funding, Inc. has been partnering with equipment dealers and manufacturers throughout the United States and Canada since 1997. Our dedicated team of professionals are well equipped to be able set up Private Label Financing programs for equipment sellers from all industries and experienced enough to be able to tailor a program to each partner's specific needs.

Partnering with Direct Credit Funding, Inc. allows you to sell more equipment, and close more deals by making it easier for your customers to buy the equipment they need to grow their business.
Close More Sales

Having access to immediate consultation gives your customers the ability to select a program that truly meets their needs, thus setting their mind at ease. We understand that sales are usually time sensitive and the ability to offer a customer an immediate financing option from DCF will help you close more sales, more quickly.
Increased Productivity

DCF provides the tools needed to close a sale. We will be in constant contact with the client and answer any questions that they may have. This allows you more time to focus on new clients, reducing multiple sales calls to deal with financial issues, thereby lowering overhead costs. By increasing sales and reducing costs our vendor program definately increases your bottom line.
Add Value to the Customer

The ability to provide a potential customer with the option of a few more dollars on a montly lease payment compared to thousands more out of pocket for those upgrades, add ons, installation costs etc... that add value to your customer and increase your profit margin is a very powerful sales tool.
Flexible Payment Structures

Offer your customers 100% financing with a choice from our flexible payment options like quarterly, seasonal or skip payment structures to help meet specific needs. Also, $0 down, or 90 day deffered payments can be powerful selling tools. Ask about how you may be able to offer 0% financing.
Reduce Lost Sales

Searching for "outside" financing can take weeks and often create frustration both for your customer and yourself as you patiently wait on someone else. You know that any laps of time between the sale and receipt of the equipment can result in your customer considering options form other vendors. You reduce this risk significanlty by providing your own In House Financing option.
Program Highlights

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Small Ticket Leases

  • Up to $150,000
    For transactions up to $150,000 all we require is our simple one page application
  • Difficult Credit Situations
    Providing programs for all credit grades in order to best serve your customers. More difficult transactions may require additional support documentation to provide the best possible terms
  • Quick Decisions
    Initial review within 1 hour and final decisions within 24 - 48 hours on our standard programs
  • Fast Payments
    Receive payment via ACH / wire transfer
  • Large Ticket Transactions
    Transactions above $150,000 generally require a 2 year financial package including year to date statements

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