Vendor Program

The heart and soul of our business.

Our success is driven by our vendor relationships. Only by providing you with the best possible service can we hope to move forward and succeed where others fail. Recognizing that you are our heartbeat helps us to focus on the things that are important to you.

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Equipment Leasing

The backbone of our business. The engine that helps small businesses succeed.

Our leasing programs provide great flexibility to your customers by allowing them to select a program that best meets their needs.

Not all customers are equal, are you only interested in selling to "A" credit customers? The ability to offer financing options to "B" & "C" credits will significantly increase your bottom line. We have those programs as well.

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Contract Financing

The perfect solution to raising capital for equipment as well as operating expences.

Do your customers come to you looking for equipment so they can fulfill a large contract? If their agreement is a long term contract with an investment grade client, and will gross over $1,000,000 then we can help by monetizing the contract, even if the customer is a start-up business, or financially weak.

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Vendor Services overview

Our relationships with our vendors is what drives our business and we work hard to ensure that your needs are met.

Our goal is to help you succeed by providing you all the tools necessary to help your customer make a well informed and confident decision to buy your equipment. Honesty and integrity are key to forming long term relationships which turn into repeat customers.

Here are some key services to help you do just that.

Marketing Aids

We can provide you with customized, private label forms to seamlessly integrate into your sales material. ...

Online Services

Submit customers, track progress, review previous customers details, and request information through our online portal....

Instant Quote Tool

Instant access to price quotes which are customizeable based not only on equipment cost, but key customer data. Also available for printout so you can include with your quote....

Sales Incentives

We realize you have a choice in who you partner with. This is our way of showing our appretiation to you and your sales staff....

Additional services

Municipal Programs Government entities, school districts, cities, towns and states [...]
Franchise Programs take into account the success of the franchise when looking at the customer. [...]
Working Capital programs provide your customer with needed cash for everyday expenses. [...]
Repo Equipment We provide access to reposessed equipment which you can bid on for re-sale. [...]